The warehouse in Los Angeles

For the last couple of years, I’ve been the manager at a warehouse in Los Angeles. I’ve been doing this blog for about a decade now, and just talked about my “real” job a handful of times. Why is that? I don’t really know, if I’m being honest. Maybe I just didn’t want to mix these two worlds with each other? I mean, one side of me is the blogger. Another side, a big part of my personality, is the manager at warehouse in Los Angeles. That is just something that has been very clear to me the whole time. Life 1 and life 2, simple as that.

So, why am I bringing up my job, at a warehouse in Los Angeles, now and not before? Because I’m doing my last day today. It’s been *checks calendar* 7,5 years since I started working here. That feels insane, to be honest. At first, I applied for a job for a summer. I was 22 years old, thought I was a nomad, and just wanted to do something different. I applied for just a regular job on “the floor” and It was great. I really liked the warehouse in Los Angeles as soon as I sat my foot in it. I wasn’t alone. Me and two other friends got jobs at the same time. Warehouse in Los Angeles was our thing during that summer. We stayed in a small but incredibly expensive apartment. It pretty much consisted of beds, that’s it. When the summer was over, my two friends were done with the warehouse in Los Angeles. I was supposed to be to, but I wasn’t. Not emotionally at least.

I had a meeting with the then manager at the Los Angeles warehouse. She said that I had done a great job and left a very good impression all summer. She then carried on with saying that she was looking for an assistant. The role would still be at the warehouse in Los Angeles, with everybody else, although the tasks would be very different.

“Interested?” she said and looked at me across the table where we were sitting.

“Yes. Yes, I am interested” I answered and we shook hands.

That was the moment that I decided that my days on the road were over. It had not been many days but who cares. The warehouse in Los Angeles became permanent for me. And it has been ever since.